The Beauty of Women

This essay is dedicated to women and what makes them beautiful. As much as I can introduce this topic in a more subtle way I do not see the point in doing so. Constructing a lingering sentence about why I find this particular topic important would de-emphasise the personal urgency of why I even write this essay. I write this because for all my years of exposure to the media around me I find little to no media that does real justice to the beauty of women. As such this essay is purely based on my personal views and experiences through the years.

The first thing I want to address is something many people take for granted. It is the key to the friendships I maintain and keeps many relationships alive. Personality is the word here. There are many definitions for the word personality. I personally define it as one’s behavioural characteristics combined with a one’s values and motivations. Personality is often distinguished based on why someone does A and not B.

The women that have a place in my heart for their sheer personalities always have something I admire about them. It sometimes is the fact that woman or girl at the time was determined or simply kind beyond my initial comprehension. Sometimes there are combined qualities like honesty and upbeat determination. It is always personal characteristic that inspires me and reminds me.

Closely related yet still distinct is a sense of humour. When someone makes me laugh that person becomes instantly memorable. When I like a woman enough to spend time with her it is because she makes me laugh. An amusing joke or remark makes conversation and learning about each other a sheer pleasure. Every woman I have spent serious time with genuinely made me laugh.

Charm is another aspect that makes women fascinating. Charm is one of those words that always mean more than any definition can state. Charm is often associated with charisma but in my experience it is more than exterior presentation. A charming woman is confident, does things her way and for some reason is interesting for doing so. Some women I have met were always busy yet thirty seconds of their time felt like an hour. Some women were initially reserved but when they opened up they shared seemingly uninteresting topics in their own yet fascinating way. Some women were wonderfully humorous and sarcastic. Charm is a peculiar aspect.

Being herself, as in being comfortable her body, activities and life in general also make every woman I know more likeable and ultimately more beautiful. There is no joy in always having to comfort an insecure woman who does not know what she wants. Being insecure is understandable but always feeling the need to confirm that you are X or Y is annoying and sometimes even depressing. When a woman is at ease with herself and her activities that makes her simply more attractive.

Health is more subjective. As someone with experience in sports and work I can be very precise but that misses the mark here. Here I would say being healthy means eating and sleeping enough allowing one to be active and productive during the day without falling over from sudden exhaustion. The media seem to visually force-feed perfect sized to everyone and women and girls are particularly affected by this practice. Everyone’s body is unique and what the media present is often just a model of what sells. Women who want to adapt to the selling model come across as dishonest and artificial about themselves. When a woman is more concerned with how others and the media perceive her and she has to poison her skin and look unnecessarily thin I tend to stay away.

Beauty itself is also something I need to address. Beauty is subjective and can be interpreted in various ways. Beauty is not measurable, is partly determined by culture and some people argue that there are evolutionary factors. Personally the beauty of a woman is best expressed in how attractive she is because you actually want to be with her. In the relationships I have been in how beautiful I found the woman I was with depended on how much I genuinely appreciated being with her. As such the most beautiful woman in the world is the woman I most want to be with.

The last aspect is the shallowest aspect. Looks are closely related to a woman being herself and her health. People are relatively easy to read when you get close enough. When someone is unhappy about something tense body posture, facial expressions and the eyes can tell you many things. When someone is not healthy you will eventually notice that too. People observe and how one looks can tell many things about you in the blink of an eye.

As a heterosexual man I always look around. I always have the sometimes impolite reflex to look because a setting in my brains will always tell my eyes to scan my environment. The human tendency to scan the environment also determines how I look at people. Over the years I trained myself to rely less on my sights but my eyes still determine most perceptions of the people around me. With regards to women that makes me both rude and sensitive. How this relates to the beauty of women is quite simple. An active and healthy and smiling woman is more attractive and I am more likely to approach her.

In short a woman’s beauty for me is based on several aspects. Aspects like a personality, a sense of humour, charm, she being herself, health, beauty and looks are all relevant to some extent. I can say I have been lucky enough to have been in a relationship with a beautiful woman. When she smiled I could not take my eyes of her. She inspired me and thus this essay is ultimately dedicated to her. No words will ever describe her beauty. She is beautiful in every way.


  1. Finally read this article. A very “man” perspective but very you…You are a person who truly knows how to appreciate women. Many men who only see the surface are shallow, but you want to go deeper, knowing more about their mind and their soul. And indeed, women who don’t appreciate themselves, make them less attractive. Health is also important too. Many women are obsessed with getting a top model look and forget that, looking skinny does not mean beautiful. It is pity that they don’t know, to get a nice body, is just to eat healthily and sport regularly.

    This is a very nice article. Thank you very much. I read it with pleasure.

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