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This archive page give an overview of all my posts from 2016 per category. In each category older posts are on top and the newest posts at the bottom.

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2016 A New Year

Essays & Articles

On Friendship

The Painkiller Procrastination

I am 28 now…

The One-Language Folk

Religions Of Peace, Oh Really…

Short Reads

Learning To Learn (Again)

Time Has Passed

Window Of Opportunity

This Thing Called Skin

When Human Waste Meets Nature

On Meditation

Ordered A Muffin…

Nobody Cares, Everybody Cares…

This Thing Called Depression…

My Audio Hobby

The Power Of Brands

From Pop Art To Banksy

The Value Of Family

The Challenge Of Consistency

Power Hungry People And Their Flocks

Grudges And Choices

Left Or Right In Politics

Amsterdam’s Values And Me

Friend Zoned (Again)…

Christmas Time, Brainwash Time

From Smart Device To Useless


The Banksy Exhibition In Amsterdam

Banksy Highlights at the Beurs van Berlage

Banksy Highlights at the Beurs van Berlage II

Museumnacht 2016 Rijksmuseum

Museumnacht 2016 Van Gogh Museum

The Marilyn Monroe Exhibition in Amsterdam

Posts 2017

Essays & Articles

The 2017 Hangover (I am angry)

The Value Of The Referendum

My Disgust About Charlottesville And Trump

Short Reads

Three Weeks Passed, Hello 2017

How The Noise Won

Found Some Words…

Music Early Sunday Morning

Dutch Elections Are Coming

A Tall Americano At Starbucks

All-In-One Devices

The Parking Paradox

Scarred With Ink

This Terrorism Thing

Anti-Immigration Non-Sense

Again About Net Neutrality

The RX100, A Pocket-able Compromise

Claims To Owning Symbols And Words

Dealing With Slow Internet

Sedation By Distraction

More Juice…


Watches Tell More Than Time

Net-Neutrality And Ideals

White Christmas On Two Wheels

Berlin’s Scars Of Hope

Dear Victo Dolore…

The Orange Man With Golden Locks


Snow In February

Bright Day At Zandvoort

Andy Warhole & Pop-Art at Beurs van Berlage I

Andy Warhole & Pop-Art at Beurs van Berlage II

Dali Exhibition At The Moco

CanJam Europe 2017 in Berlin Day 1

CanJam Europe 2017 in Berlin Day 2

Walking In Berlin Hauptbahnhof

Posts 2018

Essays & Articles

To Lose Your Religion

Not Liking Your Job Is Okay…

Short Reads

Okay, It Is 2018…

B.S.O.D. 2017

The Small Koss Of Sanity

Where To Stand…

Discarding Complications

Finding Energy

Balancing My Consumer Existence

The W.I.V. Referendum

A Beacon Over Troubled Waters

The Significance of Skin

Moved To A New Place

Cables Move, Copper Breaks

When You Have Proper Summer

Short-Term Fixes

Welcome Summer Rain In August

Started A Watch Collection

Two Quirky Watches With Character

Music Helps

Remember IAmsterdam?


A Ferry For A View

Posts 2019

Essays & Articles

The Harm Of The Nashville Statement

My Twenties Are In The Past

For The Climate Change Protestors

Short Reads

My Start Of 2019

When Time Becomes Elegant

The Awkward Neighbour

Happy Holidays, Two Weeks Until 2020

The Idealist Met A Pessimist

Loneliness In The Noise


The Cool Japan Exhibition at Tropenmuseum – I

The Cool Japan Exhibition at Tropenmuseum – II

The Cool Japan Exhibition at Tropenmuseum – III

Parking A Bike

Christmas Night Walk

Posts 2020

Essays & Articles

Environment Blues & Environment Dues

Life After Quarantine

Short Reads

Belated Happy New Year

The Mystery of the Disappearing Toilet Paper

The Painkiller Hoarder

The Orange Man Advised Bleach


Saturday Night in Empty The Hague

Silent Amsterdam 2020

Silent Amsterdam 2020 – II

Silent Amsterdam 2020 – III

Posts 2021

Essays & Articles

So 2020 Happened

Lessons Learnt from 2020

Short Reads

After 10 Years Hospitality & Catering