Welcome & F.A.Q.


If you have not read the introduction, well I am Radjah. I live in the Netherlands and I am a blogger. To learn more about me check out this post.

On this blog you will find personal writings I want to share. Think of essays, short reads and photos with text. For this year and beyond I have a mission and vision. I blog for a reason. To have an idea of my posts check out the archive page and archive page II.

As for the looks, I prefer a simple looking website.


In case you want to contact me, e-mail me at radjahs2cents @ gmail dot com. Do know that spam, unspecified links and gibberish are instantly removed.

There is also a Facebook page for the blog, click here.

Here you find frequently asked questions that often return in the comments.

Can I share the posts on the blog?

Yes, the posts on the blog are intended for sharing.

What is the name of the theme used?

The theme is called Suits, paid content on Word Press. It is easy to customise and generally pleasant on the eyes. You do not need to be a professional to customise the themes.

What platform to you use?

I use the Word Press platform, as Automattic supplies the server and software for the blog.

Is the blog connected to social media?

The blog is only actively connected to Word Press as Word Press accommodates various social media as an internet medium and blogging platform. The content of the blog can be shared on various social media. For the Facebook page click here.

Are you open for contributions or exchanges of work?

That depends, just e-mail me when you have an idea. Please do not think a mere link is enough. I will only respond to serious e-mails.

Is it easy to run a blog?

That depends on you. When you  know what you want to do and what you want to achieve and put in the effort, it becomes easier as you go on. You have to be motivated to continue creating new content.

The spellings looks off?

I write in British English, something I prefer. If I make a mistake somewhere, just let me know where too look. Thank you.

Is it me, or is there a lot of text?

Yes, the blog is more text oriented. Even so I add extra picture content for variation.

Sometimes in Internet Explorer the web site does not load up quickly, why?

I do not know. What I do know is that I prefer Chrome as it has less services and content to carry. Microsoft and software have one disadvantage sometimes: main processes can be relatively slow as the sub-process also influence the task progress of loading up the web site on the screen.

Additionally the internet as people know it is becoming more infested with advertising and multimedia. These particular types of content alone can slow down browsing on the web, especially advertising. Check your settings, customise your browser and add an AdBlock application if you have to.

I have a problem with my RSS feeds subscription, can you help me with that?

I can recommend to just add the blog to your favourites. On computers, tablets and smart phones there is an in-browser function for favourite websites that makes life easier.

I have a problem with the e-mail updates via the e-mail notifications, can you help me with that?

Disable the e-mail notifications and just add the blog to favourites. The new post is always at the top of the list on the website.

I commented, but I cannot find my comment. Is there a reason for this?

Yes, when I started the blog I allowed comments. At one point I limited comments per post to 40 just to keep the comment section in check. Recently I have decided to allow comments again. The spam filters are set, managing and selecting genuine comments is now less time consuming.

There is an e-mail address and a Facebook-page, feel free to contact me through those media.

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