Archive Page II

This is the second archive page. In March 2014 I posted my first essays and since then many posts have followed. Like the first archive page this structure follows the same set-up.


Personal Mission and Vision 2015

The Person behind the Words

Starting Over: Life as a Drop-Out

Second Blog/Website in Progress



Essays & Articles

The University of Amsterdam and its Organisational Chart (UvA)

Human Nature – A Matter of Perception

The Greater Importance of the Maagdenhuis Occupation (UvA)

Protesting versus Tolerating

Poetry Matters

May the Fourth and War

Fortress Europe IV: Trade (Politics & Society)

Fortress Europe V: People (Politics & Society)

Violence and Thought Crime

The Greek Crisis: A Short Analysis

On Controlling Anger

Society and the Police

Creating Content: The D.M.C.A.

Violence in the Media

Money Measure and Costs in Headlines

Social, Anti-Social and Society

Advertising: Sense and Non-Sense

Historical Awareness and Political Correctness

Short Reads

Access versus Wealth

Choosing Sides (UvA)

Humanity and the Natural Environment

The Relevance and Irrelevance of the News

Determinism and Attitude

Mission and Vision

Why Management Matters

Organisations and Bureaucracy (UvA)

On Defining Power

Between Cynicism and Hope

Fortress Europe I: Context (Politics & Society)

Goed Rentmeesterschap

Fortress Europe II: Internal Issues (Politics & Society)

Fortress Europe III: External Issues (Politics & Society)

Activism and Dandelions

Why I Read

Fortress Europe VI: Conclusions (Politics & Society)

Weapons, People and Society

Surveillance and Intelligence

Things Spiders Do

Clouds In The Sky

Surviving Amsterdam Traffic

Uncertainty Avoidance

Dutch Summer: Expect Rain

Creating Content: The Internet Platform

On Rest and Sleep

Short Analysis: W10 versus Privacy

On Job-Hunting (Career)

Civilisation + War = Veterans

Personal Limits

To Have, Possess or Own

Out of Place

Because You Are An Introvert

It is a Reflex

Things I Learnt as a Temp

From Hope to Opportunity

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and Perfectionism

The Language of Anger

Bicycles – Pleasantness and Unpleasantness

Finance: TR = TE

Finance: The Income Statement

Scars and Tears

Finance: The Cash-Flow Statement

I Look Ahead, I Look Up

Much Ado About Food

Finance: A = E + L

Many Drops Make A Shower (Poem)

For The Melancholic (Poem)

About Being Prepared

Learning to Control Time

Appreciation for Weirdness

Dead Ends And New Ideas

Welcome Or Not

What Defines Ugly?


The Spring is Coming and so is Change

A Friday in Spring

What House Cats Tell about Human Behaviour

The Maagdenhuis Art Exhibition on April 10th (UvA)

The Maagdenhuis Art Exhibition on April 10th Part II (UvA)

The Peculiar Station Sloterdijk

Exposure and Perception

The Beauty of Resilience

The Little Things

Summer on Dam Square

The Clear Fall Sky

Exit Comfort Zone, Fall Is Mild

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