First Short Read

As the title suggest this is the first short read.

If you think this concept is silly I understand. I might as well write haiku’s or 140 word texts. I might do that too.

The short reads exist for the too-long-did not-read people. We live in the 21st century and reading a long text or book is sometimes a luxury in the limited time available. Some people have the concentration of fruit fly as they have integrated social media in their lives.

Ever since I bought an iPhone and was locked behind my laptop for at least 8 hours a day I had to get used to reading books again. It took some time even though I started with short stories and more concise books.

Sometimes I will summarise an article or essay for the short reads. The last essay was unusually long.

One of the most important lessons I have learned through the years is one I first learned through poetry. The more one can do with less words the more one can do with even more. As such the short reads are intended to be to the point with sufficient context.

For now I end with some Willie Hutch: “brother’s gonna work it out”…