Racism & Political Correctness

I address this issue because it annoys me greatly. First things first though, the definition of the title words.

Racism: the expressed idea that one race of humans is better than another race of humans for a set of reasons.

Political correctness: the general consensus set by politicians in power and in general society that there is a correct attitude towards certain issues in society or the world that is at all times correct, sometimes formulated as the superior perspective.

The definitions above are based on my personal experience and reading about the issues. The definitions are clear enough.

We live in sensitive times. Since the 21st century began opinions became more vocal and pressure groups in society rose up like clouds in the sky from afar. The popular medium now is the internet. Internet communications allow for accumulative exposure of certain issues and racism is one of them.

I also understand human rights, laws and regulations of all kinds have their value and importance. Thing is, they are on a piece of paper, agreed up on and they have to be enforced. Thus a political power is required and that political power is to correct people in violation of the agreements.

Pressure groups put an issue on the political agenda because of its urgency and importance and the political power has to act. These days racism is such an issue. I think the issue is overrated. Racism is inherent to human civilisations and cultures from antiquity until now. We can find it in our languages and old idiom.

When an attitude of superiority is attached to a word to degrade another group of humans based on a physical aspect racism can be created. This happened in the Western World until slavery was finally no longer accepted. Civilisations and cultures in history in dealing with human spoils of war and fabricating propaganda did this. The first slaves were often prisoners of war anyway.

There are always people who belittle others based on physical features. It makes such people feel important. What is more important is to know and to act on the knowledge that racism is based on the assumption that we humans are not the same race. That assumption is incorrect. We are all modern homo sapiens.

Racism is easily addressed: ask the racists to bring evidence. A critical question trumps political correctness and censorship.