Thank You

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Good morning. Yes it is morning in the Netherlands. As I am writing Monday starts off with sunshine, a soft breeze and singing birds.

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Second of all, thank you. When I started writing I never expected to see this number in the statistics. All I hoped for were some interesting comments from people which would lead me to learn new things.

Since I started in March I learned a few things. To begin with there is genuine interest for well written articles and essays. As I happily learned about this fact I also learned that sometimes a shorter read is more pleasant and convenient. Thus I started the short read series.

The most important lesson I have learned is how a good picture or set of pictures around a theme or central topic is more interesting. People have eyes, what is pleasing to the eye is often pleasing to the mind. In the coming time I will dedicate more time to posts combining topics, pictures and short reads as I actually enjoy those posts the most. My photography needs more practice anyway.

Either way, thank you for viewing and reading (however short the read was) my humble blog.

Yours Truly