Simpleness & Complexity

In a reality where every decision appears to be a simple event, the context of the situation can be complex. Sometimes you look at a name, that name is the given name of an organisation. When you look at the operations and inner workings though you find activities that contribute to a complex process of goal from stating a goal to achieving a goal.

Many things in life are referred to by their given names. A name is usually a simple thing as it means just one thing and has a specific meaning. Then you look at the definitions, concepts, origins and related systems of thought. A realm of interpretations and relations opens up. The simple thing becomes a complex being that connects so much that a new world opens up.

For instance money. What is money? Money is basically the economic medium we use to exchange coins or notes for a good or service. The exchange leads to ownership and consumption. Money is derived from a word that became a common expression. Money is in circulation. Money is put in circulation by federal banks, private banks, financial service providers and the government. There is a quantity supplied of money. The quantity supply can be too much, an equilibrium or too little. Someone is responsible for the money in circulation. What about inflation and deflation?

Think of paper. What is paper? Paper is basically tree residue that after processing is formed to become paper. These days paper can also be made of recycled paper. Paper comes from trees. Trees grow on earth. A tree takes some time to grow. The earth can literally become exhausted. How often do we use paper and need to use paper? Is there enough paper for everyone? How much does it cost to produce one A4 sheet of white paper?

I live in the year 2014 and the information age has also invaded my life. The information age is simply a name for a symptom of the complex phenomenon called globalisation. Everything and everyone is connected by communication networks and technology. Sometimes there is so much information that the information overload is imminent.

Knowing that living in the information age can overwhelm me, I slow down sometimes. There is a simple name for a given thing. What is it? What does it do and how? As I unravel the complexity I learn something new…



  1. I’m no longer positive where you are getting your info, however good topic. I must spend a while studying much more or understanding more. Thanks for great info I was searching for this information for my mission.

    1. Thank you for your feedback.

      I suggest you read yourself into headaches and sleep. Then you pick up an anthology of haikus and the initial simpleness of the complex haiku becomes a sublime pleasure in what language can become.

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