A Walk in Amsterdam II

01. Amsterdam II

Last night I was quickly in town to meet up with some friends. As I walked to the café I could not resist taking some pictures. I walked from Central Station to the bridge at Villa Zeezicht. These days the summer is becoming cooler. Clouds and rain showers follow the warm days of summer.

When the sun disappears behind the clouds the shades over the city change the light. As the sunlight is no longer reflected on the water and light coloured surfaces the darker colours become darker. Blacker shades add an extra layer of grimness to streets and objects.

I was walking around before the street lights turned on. Between decreasing daylight and nightly darkness the canals remind me of moody impressionist city paintings. It was a good time for wine and company.

The stone text under the bridge reads “Terugkomen is niet hetzelfde als blijven.” Its meaning: to return is not the same as staying. Make of that what you want…


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