The Weird and Wonderful

The title might give you some ideas, it might not. When writing about the topic the weird and wonderful there are many things that are possible. In this short read the topic is simpler than most topics I write about. Everyday you get up, get ready and you do what you have to do which is followed by going home and finishing the day. Nothing interesting there it seems.

Thing is, life is filled with interesting phenomena. In the routine of going through activities and tasks certain things are not perceived. In going through the motions it is easy to forget how little things are ignored. When I write with my pen to form letters, words, sentences and punctuation I am creating a river of ink imprinted on paper. This ink comes from something and a mechanism allows ink to flow but I usually will not think about it while writing.

When I read books about philosophy, poetry, literature and art there was always one thing that stood out. To develop an understanding of your environment that might inspire you or gives you insight you have to “wonder why?” This can only be done when the someone starts to perceive and thinks about the impression of that perception.

One of the most convincing forms of expressing the momentarily weird and wonderful is the haiku poem.

A lit screen in sight

Black letters on a white screen

A text and topic

The haiku is about this particular text. It can be interpreted in many ways depending on your perspective. The thing I like about haikus the most is that in their 5-7-5 syllable structure they can express many things in very few words. A haiku in its shortness requires the writer to really think about what impression the perception left. Lately I have been reading haikus again as I admire what seventeen syllables can enable a writer to express.

The weird and wonderful that makes people “wonder why?” is sometimes the exact thing that makes people aware. It can be anything, something pleasant, positive, unpleasant or negative. What would life be without electricity? How would coffee with fresh whip cream taste? Is sugar sweeter than honey?

I might seem trivial. Thing is, the weird and wonderful often make life more interesting…


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