The French Press – Coffee the Elegant Way

18. French Press

As the title might suggest, I just had a coffee. For months I wanted to try the other method of making coffee and today I tested this elegant method for myself. The result is that I had a good coffee. The coffee is not as intense as a percolator coffee from my Bialettis.

At Amsterdam Central Station I walked in, checked out the ever fantastic Simon Lévelt and asked for recommendations. I have to keep my caffeine consumption in check so I opted for the small Bodum version. Apparently Bodum makes good ones and the glass will crack at one time. Apart from that this humble French press works.

I still have to figure out how to make my personal perfect coffees. The big Bialetti is amazing for mug sized coffees but with the French press the proportions are a bit different. Based on the first coffee though I find this little French press very suitable for study nights where small coffees keep you going.

This really is an elegant way of presenting a fresh coffee. Of course cleaning this upside-down filter is less elegant but that is not mentioned. Who cares about the dishes when enjoying a good coffee? Coffee…