Extra Content

Today is the 11th of November. The past two weeks, namely the last week of October and the first week of November I have been extra busy and time flew by quickly. While preparing the essays and some photos I was also thinking of setting up another blog for more pop culture oriented topics. In trying to work out how to get things started and done I got stuck. Nothing was working out so I have decided to keep things simple.

1. A second blog is too much work with school on the side.

2. It is convenient and more efficient to add extra content to this blog.

3. This blog is already quite eclectic, extra content is to be expected anyway.

For the coming time I will continue with the series of essays, articles, short reads and photos.

In the coming time posts about books and music will be added. Listening to music and reading have kept me on track countless times. Sometimes music or a good read are all I need. Most of my life I have surrounded myself with music and books so I might as well write and about them.

Yours Truly

P.S. Books can be all kinds of books. Comics, cartoons and anthologies are just as inspiring as good novels to me. The ones depicted right here are first.