Waiting in Schiphol

66. Schiphol

Saturday the 17th of January I was on my way home. While waiting for my bus I did not feel like reading or staring at the screen of my phone. Instead I remembered I had my Pentax with me so I checked the time and walked back into the build to check the light conditions. Within a few minutes I started framing and composing after which many click-clicks followed.

My approach to random photography is similar to when I started in film. Check light, check settings and compose within range shot by shot. In Schiphol I used my 18-55 mm kit lens which starts at F3.5. In film terms I was carrying around a 28-80 mm equivalent from the film days with me. The 28-80 mm focal range is one of the best walk-around lens ranges you can have as it goes from wide 28 mm, to almost macro 80 mm.

My favourite focal range is 50 mm as it comes very close to human sight. I take most pictures in 50 mm. On my Pentax lens that is 35 mm. Regarding composition everything goes and usually the absolute middle is my focus zone. For focusing autofocus also called AF is not the most important thing, light metering is. Light metering or the measuring of light conditions is also called exposure. Photography is about capturing an image in the light. So yes, light metering systems make or break cameras.

About Schiphol, well I have been walking in and out of this building for years now. When the place is busy you often adapt to the crowd just to find the way. When Schiphol empties it changes. This vast hall that shelters travellers from everywhere becomes a strange combination of constructions and add-ons. I only had half an hour to take pictures. I could have walked around with a camera in hand for hours.

P.S. The U.F.O. shaped bench just fascinates me to no end.