The Spring is Coming and so is Change

22. Spring is Coming

As I write this an eventful day has passed. Yesterday was Friday the 13th yet it felt like a Spring day with sunlight and a taste of Fall. Yes, the weather was delightful while contrasted by a cold quality in the air. Despite that nature seems to be waking up and birds sing furiously in the company of newly developing flowers and leafs.

I took a walk through Amsterdam, enjoyed a bubble tea and had good company. Of course a coffee was part of the day too as that bean beverage is my silent moment of bliss. Recently I have been practising to improve my photography skills in the manual focus and getting the exposure right. The lens, a humble 35-70 from the film era is a pleasure to work with.

The thing with focal ranges, be it prime thus fixed or zoom thus variable is that they are personal. I love the old 50mm view of film lenses. For my Pentax DSLR with crop-sensor that view requires a 35mm lens. Photography is a lot like seeing something and memorising it on the spot. How you perceive something influences the memory.

Also there was a big student protest march through the city centre. The Maagdenhuis in Amsterdam is still occupied and the UvA seems to do nothing about it. That brings me to the relationship between the “college van bestuur” and its internal environment: students, teachers and researchers. For more information check “De Nieuwe Universiteit.” There are still issues with the “college van bestuur” and the students have reason to fight for more direct influence.