Determinism and Attitude

Recently I had a discussion about scientific findings and how human behaviour can be pre-determined based on neuroscientific research. The other person went so far as to deny free will. I disagreed and stated that science and scientific research so far only explains so much. Add to that “explains so much” depends on research and experiment variables like data, the environment and the interpretation of data and how feedback in the experiment is defined.

I personally do not appreciate it when people claim that based on their findings everything can be pre-determined. I grew up as a Christian and I did not agree and now pro-science people state their determinism and I disagree again. When you look for the definition of determinism there are at least the philosophy, biology and sociology definitions.

Generally every deterministic system, for it is a systematic approach to a situation in which a cause has an effect that is fixed as an end result. This cause can be a personal choice, event or  a random action and through a range of options an outcome is “determined.” Deterministic systems can be extremely useful in all kinds of situations.

In my field of studies, namely business studies deterministic systems are sometimes assumed and considered a standard. Think of management approaches and the design of organisations. There is a catch with every form of determinism. Determinism like systems of logic are tools to help in making decisions.

When people use a deterministic system to define what they perceive and simply believe it as is a dangerous situation can occur. To believe something as is without ever asking why or how, is to create a dogma. These unquestioned beliefs reflect an attitude of “this is the truth and therefore I am right.” When a dogma becomes strong enough to justify certain behaviour and not accepting criticism nor analysis a dangerous situation is present.

I am a sceptic. That means that I have the attitude of someone who asks questions. By asking questions I can get or find information to find answers. In systems of belief and thought, especially the fields of scientific research questions open the doors to new research and possibly new findings.

When faced with a deterministic system think about it. Do you ask questions or do you accept it without question? Your ability to choose is at stake…