The Peculiar Station Sloterdijk

22. Sloterdijk Good

Amsterdam is a city with many train stations. Station Sloterdijk is one of those. I use to take the train home via Sloterdijk before I moved to the Amsterdam region. On the 20th of April the weather was lovely. I had half an hour before going home again and Sloterdijk was on the route home.

Station Sloterdijk is located in the old western harbour part in the port of Amsterdam. Amsterdam like Rotterdam used to be a large international port for trade, storage and the transition of goods. Much of that old activity is now gone. The “Noordzeekanaal” is nowadays more a big channel than a trade entrance for a trade port. When you go in the direction of the Hemkade from Sloterdijk you find the ferry and a big channel that gives access to the waters around Amsterdam.

There is a peculiarity about station Sloterdijk. Of course it is named after the old dyke that originated from the village Sloten and it is Amsterdam’s most western located train station. More peculiar the train station looks more like an industrial complex with many extra windows. The architect emphasised openness and transparency. Station Sloterdijk is a modern 1991 design by Harry Reijnders. It is a unique station and it was ahead of its time in the Netherlands.

For me station Sloterdijk is a strange mix of open space, colours, shapes and very effective design. Station Sloterdijk might not feel cosy but it feels open and transparent. Sunlight brightens it up and clouds darken it appearance.