Why I Read

Lately I have been reading a lot. Life is changing and for some preparations extra reading is required. Thing is that as I read I sometimes wonder why I read. I am aware of how I read. If someone where to ask me “why do you read?” I am not sure what answer to give. My answer will vary between concise or very long.

The past weeks I have been focusing on exams, learning to code, the blog and creative writing. All these things have something in common. They require continuous reading before, during and after. Even when I am writing this post I check thus reread my wording, spelling, punctuation and grammar constantly. It is vital in what I do, namely writing.

First of all I read because I am a curious person. When I want to know something I want to look it up, check it and double-check it until I think I am sufficiently informed.

Second I like to be informed. Even though I have to accept my limitations when I want to be informed I go after the information I think I need.

Third I actually enjoy reading. The process of reading, even difficult works is rewarding in my experience. To learn about new things, big or small is enough for me to take a look and read.

Fourth reading enables the discovery of the things I do not know. There is always something I know nothing about.

Fifth reading goes beyond looking at a text or work for (verbal) meaning. Think of meaning, tone, functions, references and whole unique systems of language within the language you assume you already know. Think of basic British English and then read the Shakespeare folios.

Sixth I read because it inspires me. There is inspiration to be found in many things. To read an inspiring essay, short story, novel or poem in privacy can change you to do something you never initially thought was possible to do. I started with reading Montaigne‘s essays.

When people ask you why you read ask them “well how were you taught the language you speak and write?” 

It is time to write again. Reading inspires me.


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  1. My fear is that reading will become obsolete. As long as I live, I will never let that happen. 🙂

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