Things Spiders Do


A spider in its web.

Recently after a meeting I walked back to make some test shots. The sunny weather in the Netherlands this first week of July is too good to miss out on. This was the first picture I took. To my surprise the exposure was good enough for a pleasing picture and it makes me want to go out again. This picture also inspires me about how life goes on.

After leaving school I have been taking care of business and I am still making preparations. Life changes, you change and spiders are interesting creatures in that regard. So in light of my recent situation I write about things spiders do.

I generally like spiders. As they are eight legged and have exoskeletons they are not quite insects but arachnids. Like ants,  spiders are the garbage and residue cleaners of nature. Of all creatures to have in your house, one common house spider is usually a good sign. In the Netherlands the North European “daddy-long-legs” is very common during all the seasons.

Most spiders are harmless and focus on their territory. They adapt to the environment and do not mind us humans. Prey, other sources of food and a place to stay and ambush prey are enough. Humans are big and heavy, so the spider is no match. When Spring starts I always look forward to the spiders first.

Knowing that a spider is in my room is a sign that mosquitoes are being dealt with. Without the spiders the warmer seasons are infected with flies and mosquitoes  inside and outside. In the natural food chain spiders and their webs provide a welcome service to mammals and birds. They eat mosquitoes and prevent many parasitic diseases.

What I like most about spiders is something that is easily ignored. These small creatures operate alone in tough conditions. Even the bigger spiders like tarantulas are amazingly tough compared to many bigger animals. The versatile arachnid is a prime example of natural toughness and flexibility.

Sometimes I think about life and look at nature. I still have much to learn…