Creating Content: The Internet Platform

I am a blogger. The reason I write this post is because I am worried. Bloggers, photographers, video bloggers, animators, videographers, actors, writers and reviewers among many others create content. This content ranges from serious to silly in all kinds of formats, styles and media. Since the late 1990-ties the internet has exploded with content. Right now the internet as a platform is replacing many traditional media. The internet is a vulnerable platform.

I wrote about the internet before. This post took quite a bit of research. Then there was the topic of net neutrality which still worries me to this day. Recently I have been reading about the attacks  on storage providers, search engines and websites that enable sharing files and links. The parties that tend to take issue with the service providers on the internet are right holders and owners of intellectual properties (IPs), copyright and trademarks.

Whenever you create content that has material or footage that is not your own or you did not ask for permission, paid or not you risk that the right holder or owner can demand you to compensate him or her. When the content you make is for profit that is very likely the case. It is a matter of perception of course. Some right holders and owners want an absolute monopoly and sometimes they appreciate the publicity you give them. Nintendo and YouTube is a pretty interesting case study.

Now YouTube is owned by Google, the corporation that has started with a search engine and now is the giant squid of the internet. This giant squid connects people, content, services and all kinds of media in lists and applications accessible through its search engine. This search engine operates on the internet, a shared platform that has no sole owner. The platform of the internet has become so far-reaching that governments and organisations want to have more control over it.

Control over the internet can be gained through the existing protocols and through the popular search engines. Google is the most popular one and was under attack by for instance Spain. Think about this and consider what happens to content creators when governments think they can tax your access to information and content. You already pay for your internet connection and data.

The internet platform is vulnerable and we share it. Please keep sharing it so more people can enjoy it.



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