Because You Are An Introvert


A grey pigeon on the grey Dam Square.

Recently I have been job hunting. I have been job hunting so much that part of brains is now automatically set to improvising C.V.s and job application letters on the spot. When I have to pitch myself and my skill-set I have at least three elevator pitches with only advantages that at least get a maybe. Despite all my preparations I sometimes encounter the invisible obstacle of extroversion versus introversion.

I am an introvert. I am the quiet person who prefers a silent moment before jumping into action. Through the years, especially through hospitality jobs and many presentations I had to learn the hard way that in life presence and speaking up are sometimes vital to get things done. Having written that I still am more reserved whenever possible.

Because You Are An Introvert

Enthusiasm: you prepare, show up, do your thing and say “yes”, “no” and “understood.”

Extroverts: tell you to smile more and be lively because that convinces them.

Language: you use popular phrases and words like “fun” and “best thing ever” less.

Extroverts: certain expressions and keywords convince them more than actual knowledge.

Body language: how to sit, maintain eye contact and place the hands is a fiddly thing.

Extroverts: they expect you to get it instantly as if everybody is like them.

The interview: you have a script, structure and try to present your advantages convincingly.

Extroverts: they know you have a script and give the impression of wanting more entertainment.

The introvert: you prepared, try to adapt and simply hope to not make a fool of yourself.

The extrovert: not convinced and entertained, not enough motivation so “no.” 

This post sums up years of learning, adapting to and dealing with disappointments in the process of job hunting. The most often used reason to not give me a chance was that I did not come across as “motivated.” Then the “define motivated” part is never properly explained.

Sometimes this made me incredibly nervous or I wanted to call off the interview. Some job interviews were disasters. The last few years though I had enough of this non-sense and decided to stop worrying.

I am an introvert. I do my thing and try to do it well. Fuck them if they do not like me.

Dear introverts, do not let the extroverts get you down.