The Language of Anger

For today I had some ideas to work on. Right now though the ideas have to wait while some music plays and a cup of tea quenches my thirst. I must write short form poem, that is all there is to it.

The Language of Anger

A rush of blood

Like boiling water

The senses sharpen

And focus increases

An act of speech

Or an act of manner

An action then hurt

Soon hurts again

In silence no word

Noise has many

Emotions then erupt

Thoughts mingle

Then you choose

To forgive someone

Tolerate and go

Reply and confront

Fight and hurt back

Combine the choices

 Alternate and rethink

Thus I write this

Learn to control

Become stronger

End the inner cycle

Close my eyes

Breathe again

So move on, done.

Back to life and getting things done. There is much to do…