Much Ado About Food

Spiders eat too, the eat a lot.

Spiders eat too, they eat a lot.

There are things I do not take seriously in the media. Food trends that are hyped beyond “first check sources, then carefully interpret” are things I refer to as non-sense. The ironic thing is that I work in hospitality and some non-sense trends are adopted to appeal to “concerned” eaters. Some time ago I read about “foodies” and in the NYT there was this article about “foodies.” Much ado about food indeed.

My perspective and opinion about food are complex but come down to what I have learnt as a child. I come from a family where the Surinam cuisine was celebrated and enjoyed. So think South American, Indian, Chinese, African and Indo influences. In that environment I learnt to trust my nose. It smells good then yes. Bad smell or no smell a gamble.

If you think my reliance on my nose is silly than rethink that notion.

Why do some coffee retailers insist on certain roasts, bean blends only Arabica or Robusta?

Why do chefs smell and then sometimes taste the ingredients before using them?

Why do ripe strawberries and water melons give of a sweet scent that makes people go “I want a bite?”

Why do people frown when the cappuccino or steak smells burnt (yes you can burn a cappuccino!)?

I could go much longer until you relent and say “okay I get, our smell is important. I shall spare you my tirade. The worst part is that Western cuisine still often fails at acknowledging the importance of good smelling food.

In the Netherlands there also is a Dutch approach to food called the “schijf van vijf” or in English the “wheel of five (varieties)” and it comes down to eating a healthy yet varied diet. No McDonald or Burger King can replace that thing because the Dutch have learnt from experience, not marketing bull shit.

This idea of sustainable (healthy) food, okay then start your own farm. If not possible ignore the marketing, buy from the farmer or pay the premium at the retailers for your sustainable (healthy) food. Fast-food retailers selling healthy food, I cannot trust them. My nose does not appreciate card board meat.

P.S. If you do not like spiders too bad. They tend to not like you. They eat annoying bugs though.