How The Noise Won

The last few months I did not feel like writing. Following the news and trends (even in the little time I sometimes have) I felt disappointed and tried to find a solution for myself. So after a few wines just after new year I decided to enjoy life more even if the world is burning. 2016 was a difficult year for me. One recent development still makes me wonder “how did it get this far?” thus this post…

‘Between all things with a voice, noise is mostly without a voice.’ a figure in shade said…

‘What do you mean?’ an innocent faced child asked. A moment of silence followed and after a brief sigh the figure in the shade responded.

‘There is a difference between silence and noise. Silence allows for people to talk and gives space. Noise can distract and even overpower people from speaking and take all the space you need to talk to each other.’

‘Why is talking so important? People talk all the time.’ the child said.

‘When people talk that enables them to find solutions together. Noise disables that process.’ the figure in the shade stood up and a face appeared.

The child studied the wrinkled face and wondered about what those sad eyes had seen through past times.

‘Think of it as this;’ the old face continued speaking ‘there are people who have goals in life and work hard to achieve their goals. By shouting and creating noise some people try to overpower others. Most people prefer to talk things over because you can come to a better understanding of each other, even when you still disagree.’

‘So some people bully and some people stay nice?’ the child asked.

The old face took in the words and gave them a thought and spoke ‘Yes, in simple words that is it.’

This made the child think  and respond ‘Then why do some people still act as bullies?’

‘Sometimes we understand and sometimes we do not’ a sad voice replied.

The child was confused and looked at the old face and saw something. Then while speaking observed ‘You are confused as well…’