White Christmas On Two Tires

After a late shift I came home. Snow everywhere…

On Monday the 11th I had to go to work on the bicycle. I missed the bus and had to be at work a bit earlier. The weekend before snow had arrived and filled the landscape with a shower of white flowers from the sky. The cold was not the worst thing about it. You can prepare for the cold and dress appropriately.

Every year when December comes I hear the whispers of people wishing for a white Christmas. They say it looks pretty and you can almost see them dreaming away into that imagined landscape of whiteness. Yeah I can understand that longing. Thing is, trying to get from A to B in the snow on a slowly forming layer of ice is terrible.

Some years back I had a job which usually took half an hour of cycling to get there. Mid-December and almost there the skies opened and within fifteen minutes the region was covered in a thick layer or soft snow, fresh from the cold heavens. I was covered in snow, grinding almost crawling through the snow on two skinny bicycle tires because I had a job to do. For that particular job everybody was late. Ever since I stopped appreciating the snow landscapes for their bleak beauty. I value my warm feet over cold weather.

Back to last Monday, after work I had to bike back home. If there is one thing you learn from driving from snow it is this: when it no longer crackles under your feet or tires you have no grip. Facing the discomfort of a road to home without grip to move forward makes you choose between facing the cold or giving up. Biking back home took a bit longer.

White Christmas on two wheels is like walking on a freshly mopped floor and the cleaner did not tell you about it. If you are not careful you can have a nasty fall and curse the person who did not warn you (that actually happened).

May your holidays be pleasant. Please stay warm.

The snow covered all the land…


Gardens turned from green into white…