Where To Stand…

This standing statue is in Hoofddorp.

Imagine that you feel confused, conflicted even by the things that happen around you. There is no peace of mind, only wondering doubts about X, Y and Z. It is not a pleasant feeling. While you try to find out what is best for you and the people you care about you are like a piece on the chess board. If you could move and act, where to stand?

This is part of life. Everybody makes these choices. Whether you are moving on from something or whether you are stuck and need to get out. I often wonder where to go from where I am at the moment and how my plans can be realised. Over time you learn to prepare better and get more things done.

I stopped reading the news and newspapers as much as I used to do. Since 2016 the mainstream media have become worse. The emphasis on clicks, views and sales is not good for journalism. When the mainstream media focus on the joker instead of the devoted politicians you can ditch your subscriptions. (Yes this also refers to the Trump coverage of the last two years.)

The only thing I can do to move forward is to rest enough. When you have ambitions and plans for the future with or without a degree you still have to sleep. You pay your bills, save up and do your thing.

There is this Brexit thing. Okay let the Brits figure it out.

The U.S. is destroying itself. Democracies sometimes fail.

The Hague cuts the education budget to ease on corporate taxes. The cabinet has some explaining to do.

Tourists flood the streets in Amsterdam. Dodge and stay safe.

The landlord is an idiot. Pay the rent, defend your rights.

Chinese New Year happened. Happy new year!

There are no easy answers. You can stay informed to an extent but after the information induction you have to deduct what is not useful. Then you take care of yourself and your loved-ones.

I already read the recent headlines. I regret reading some of them. What did I learn today? Enough to enjoy my day again. So yes time for fresh coffee and music.

Where to stand? The present is a good start…