A Ferry For A View

Worth the visit, that view on a good day is epic.

This month has been very busy. Since march I was preparing to move to a new place. Yet I still had work my full shifts so blogging was not possible. Sleep was too important. Today though it is time to catch up again. On the 4th of April I had some time off to relax and well I took a ferry.

Amsterdam is an old city. There is the old centre built around the old dam, nowadays the Dam Square and the old canals. Around the city there are four parts like a compass. Take a ferry to go north. West, south and east are just across the canals.

That day I was relaxing and went to the Amsterdam Tower (previously the Shell tower!) in north. It is now a tourist hotspot and for good reason. That view is worth it. Enough words, enjoy the pictures.

P.S. Enjoy Kings Day!