When You Have A Proper Summer

Tuesday was warm to say the least…

Last Tuesday I was resting. After a long weekend shift tend to sleep a lot. Well this year we (us Dutchies among other Europeans!) finally have a proper Summer. Think about that.

What is a proper Summer?

When I was growing up usually there were two or three good days followed by a rainy day. The climate in the Netherlands tends to be moderate. Two weeks of 25 degrees Celsius on average was rare. I never really found Summer in the Netherlands to be properly hot.

This year though, okay I am a believer. At first I was quite surprised that after a few days or even a week there was little to no rain. Now though it has been consistently warm to hot in Amsterdam. Recently the old Dutch heat wave record of 1976 has been broken.

I find this weather quite pleasant. My measurement for a proper Summer is something only people with tropical roots tend to understand. It is so simple it tends to surprise people with whom I share it.

When my feet feel warm the moment I set foot on the ground it is warm enough.

It could not be simpler. You can measure Celsius or Fahrenheit. You can go for absolute or relative values regarding temperatures. Thing is, when I no longer feel the need to wear socks and shoes because the ground is warm enough and the sun is shining, all is good.

Some people complain about the heat. I simply accept it. You drink water, manage your energy and only exert yourself when necessary. You are going to sweat whatever you do. When the sun warms up the earth surface there is no point in disagreeing.

So yeah, Tuesday the air temperature was about 50 degrees Celsius at 6 P.M. in Amsterdam. At the ground that should be about 30 to 40 depending on the surface and presence of the wind (if present!).

When you have a proper Summer enjoy it. The moment the sun is gone you are going to miss the warmth it generates.