Happy Holidays, Two Weeks Until 2020

In November I was taking a break in Amsterdam. All work and no fun make life rather dreadful. I had two days to party, meet up with friends and rest up again for a long week. It was a good weekend. “Museumnacht” is one of the best events in Amsterdam. Get your tickets early and one wrist band gives access to events you never knew where there.

Either way that weekend I already saw the marketing and advertising for “Sint Maarten”, “Sinterklaas” and Christmas. Also add black Friday nowadays because sales and more sales generate extra retail revenues. On my way to the train I saw this sign and it caught my eye. I mean it looked like someone thought “oh well, just get it over with…”

For years now that is my exact sentiment with the holidays. Growing up with Evangelical traditions around December I always had to give this period extra thought. The more I learnt though the less I liked this period of the year.

You can visit the re-enactment of the stable scene. You can look at the sky and imagine a sleigh carrying gifts. You can get an aluminium pole and celebrate “Festivus” like the Seinfeld episode did. Watch “The Life Of Brian” if you feel silly enough. If you need action the original “Die Hard” will do nicely. As long as you have some friends, drinks and food you will be fine.

This year my Christmas will be weird. I am going to spend my time as silly as possible because why not. 2019 has been quite a year up to now. The world keeps changing. Who knows how current affairs will develop? You might as well accept your fate, have drink and like “Ford Prefect” simply go mad. I am reading Douglas Adams’ trilogy of five parts to end the year with.

This year felt exceptional for music. Tool, FKA Twigs, Dua Lipa and so many other artist made good music this year. These last two weeks will be filled with music.