Christmas Night Walk

A punctual welcome during Christmas.

During Christmas I actually had a day off for the first time in years. The workaholic lifestyle is not recommended if you value your relations. In my case it kind of works out because almost all of my friends are always busy. There is one exception and that is during the last two weeks of the year. Out of nowhere we have time again.

This year I found out that my new employer is closed during Christmas. At my previous job every day was a business day. Either way a day off during Christmas, either I would sleep through it or have fun. The last option was on my mind. All work and no friends makes you a lonely person. Life is too short for that.

X-Mas in Amsterdam.

In Amsterdam I visited some old friends. There was a silly party of sorts. Drinks, stories and a tournament that did not make sense. Before you have peace on earth it helps to fight it out and declare a winner after the final it seems. Flawless logic if you ask me. I write this in jest but still, assuming everybody wants peace on earth is dangerous. We assume too much in general which leads to the world of today. Back to pictures again.

So yeah, walking around yielded some interesting pictures.

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