Walking In Berlin Hauptbahnhof

The entrance simply hints…

In November I was in Berlin. One of the things I did was making pictures of the train station. Now if you think “oh it is just a train station” then please reconsider. Visit the place then try to imagine walking to every corner of the building. Sometimes what seems obvious is not possible and then you take a closer look. Architecture is a form of art. First impressions can be deceptive.

If I had a full day and unrestricted access I would have been able to properly convey the scale of this train station. Yes I went on a holiday to Berlin and I show bits of audio, the Berlin Wall and its train station. It was a short stay and time was limited. Back to architecture.

When you go to Berlin, take a train to this train station and then tour the city and really look around. Berlin is a wide city. I am used to crammed Amsterdam and Berlin was like going from a small room to a big house.

I am looking forward to visiting Berlin again…