Music Early Sunday Morning

Today is Sunday, early in the morning and Beethoven’s “5th Symphony” is playing. I am listening to the Carlos Kleiber rendition for now. How is this relevant? Well last few weeks I was not very motivated to write. Oh thinking about writing was easy. Sitting down and actually working out ideas, well that did not happen.

The recent weeks I have been focusing on music. So I took a Tidal subscription and started looking for albums on my short list. Since Prince’s passing I started collecting Prince albums and Tidal offers a good catalogue with downloads.

Thing is, when you start looking for interesting music you sometimes stumble on something unique. Eventually exclusives and bootlegs become a thing. Thus “The Loring Park Sessions 1977” entered the reality of my tired life. Being a workaholic means feeling tired most of the time.

By the way the CD issues of Prince’s “Musicology” and “3121” were also in. A lot of good and groovy music  to enjoy. Of course there is more than Prince in this world. David Bowie’s last album also got some time and the XX had a new album. The XX is a band with its own sound but it is a matter of taste whether you like that sound. I did not like their second album though.

While looking for music a peculiar artist stood out. Grimes a.k.a. Claire Boucher is often referred to as an Indie artist. If Indie means gutsy and experimental instead of the typical slower-not-Pop music, okay. She defies genres the way Frank Zappa is still too weird for most people, including those who say they like Pink Floyd. (Try that first album with Syd Barrett!)

So yeah, while avoiding most newspapers and leading a regular life I devote much time to music. A good song or composition can make you feel alive. Beethoven’s “5th Symphony” certainly moves you  once you start discovering more music.

Beethoven’s “7th Symphony” is now playing…