Small Coffee, Bigger Coffee

02. With Books

In life there are a few small pleasures that make even the worst situations less worse. Recently I felt the need to drink bigger coffees again for serious kick-start-brains moments. Therefore I decided to get a bigger coffee pot or percolator. The bigger version is good for 6 to 8 small Italian cups and perfect for bigger coffees, most notably the americano in a standard mug.

It might seem strange to prefer the metal kettel-filter-pot appliance for simple things like coffee. I also still have a plastic filter machine which is quiet and makes good coffees too. The trusty coffee dripper can still make coffees that could turn Starbucks fans into blabbering flavour craving idiots. I prefer the classic Bialetti for a simple reason, the process.

The process in making coffees this way requires a number of things. Among others there is the close inspection after purchase, experimenting with the dosage of water and coffee, experimenting with fire temperatures, smelling, listening, timing and having a taste. The pay off is one of the small joys in life which results in a coffee that is just right for you.


On a side note, coffee, tea, chocolate and honey among others are biological miracles. No one can tell you how to you should enjoy them. It is your experience and your moment…