The Orange Man Advised Bleach

Once upon in time in the 21st century there was a man. Some people called him the orange man. He was known to be influential and wealthy. He must have had the charisma of a ripe orange or pumpkin. He was very popular, even by his own admission.

In the year 2020 an new disease appeared on the horizon of human perception. According to some people a harmless flu until it would come back and hit the lungs. It was crowned with a memorable name.

Well in that year there was a moment where the orange man made a remark that stunned the world. Often times in times of crises leaders and heads of state try to take control of the situation. Even if any form of control is simply not possible. Mother Nature and Father Time are forces that we mortals often wrestle with.

Either way one day the orange man gave answers to questions. People had concerns and surely he could address these concerns because he was the leader and everybody liked him (except the people who did not like him). There were speculations about treatments and some kind of medicine for this new disease.

Well the orange man had a great solution. Every solution he had was great because he was great.

A new disease without treatment or medicine?

Nobody has a definitive answer?

Everybody wants to be healthy?

Clean yourself, drink bleach.

Who knows how the orange man came to this conclusion? Maybe his experience was very positive. If bleach works on bathrooms, toilets and kitchens why not on airways and lungs? Does it make sense, who knows?

What if your head of state would say “yeah drink bleach, should clean you up!” and then he wishes you well. Okay, that is good to know.

I demand a demonstration on live TV. The orange man believes it works so I want to see him do it. Makes sense right?