Dear Victo Dolore…

This blog post is devoted to Victo Dolore. You may know her best from her “Behind The White Coat” blogs about all kinds of aspects of life. Her posts once inspired me to start blogging and at one point I found I could not stop writing.

Friendship is a colourful experience…

Dear Victo Dolore,

it has been a while since I have read one of your posts. No matter how busy my schedule sometimes is, I always try to catch up with your posts. Even if I only have two or three evenings in the month to read for a few hours your posts are worth it. Take that as a compliment because your work is that inspiring.

I am aware (as many of your followers are) that you have a demanding life. Being a physician is not the most appreciated job in the world. Add the state of your country where affordable care has been under constant threat. For some reason an orange man with golden locks does not like universal healthcare for his own citizens.

Also hereby merry belated Christmas and happy new year in advance. Working during Christmas delays all Christmas greetings and that happens in real life and digitally (I am a workaholic). Please take care and stay healthy. A full-time job in the U.S. can constitute at least 50 to 60 hours a week with or without family, that is tough. Add having something of a social life and you crave your coffee breaks.

In the meantime what remains is to survive the last week of the year and to stay healthy. Between the shifts sleep, eat, work repeat changes a little bit. There might be some parties and drinks.

Besides all that I patiently await your new posts about whatever fascinated you.

Yours truly,