The Awkward Neighbour

Once upon a time there was a village. Its history was based on a story about a deity in the skies and a cow in the pastures. Something about lust and fear which resulted in a land mass where people would eventually live.

Well this was a cosy village with streams, hills and plenty of land and resources to divide and prosper among all of them. Fertile lands and ample of wild life to sustain a good number of people. Some people almost regarded this place as a garden of Eden of sorts. This place attracted many people because a pleasant life promises an even better future.

All the people who lived there dealt with each other on a daily basis. Sometimes there where quarrels but after a while they learnt to live and let live. Arguments and fights are fun until the damage becomes severe. The village became rather peaceful and prosperous. Many things were agreed up on together in the village to quickly get things done. Trade, barter and contributions to common goals are important if you want to prosper.

Even when life was good some people still had their moans and niggles. That was all well and good, that was part of life.

What was also part of life was the one awkward neighbour who always knew better. It was not always pure arrogance, although sometimes it was. Knowing better also requires doing better. Thus the other neighbours said “prove it or work it out with us. We can help, even if it requires some talking and more time.”

The awkward neighbour felt to be above talking and finding a joint solution. It took a while before the awkward neighbour had the guts to make the final decision. “Why not leave? Oh yes that is a wonderful idea.”

The other neighbours said “okay, then leave and stop disturbing our lives.” The awkward neighbour hesitated at first to consider the consequences. Once you leave your old and helpful neighbours behind, you have to start again. Therefore the awkward neighbour asked for some help in moving out yet kept sneering “I am better off without you.”

The other neighbours held their breathe and looked the awkward neighbour straight in the eyes. It was a hard stare filled with fatigue and determination, one word: “no!”

The awkward neighbour suddenly realised how it felt to be lonely again…