Belated Happy New Year

Took this picture, then 2020 really started…

Until the second week of January I still had to correct myself. From November on I have been so busy that my sense of time has been very off. Also belated happy new year. If you had a few drinks and went to a party good for you.

I was working that week and afterwards had become quite grumpy. The last two weeks of the year in hospitality are pure chaos. It was so busy the you would stop thinking and just focus on getting from A to B. Who needs exercise when life becomes a shuttle run?

2019 is still partly in my mind because well it is only January. Apparently Greta Thunberg became person of the year for the Time Magazine. Well it beats the orange man trolling the world from his white house. It is better to nominate someone who still has a future. If that means an angry teenager is the better option, so be it.

2020 is a fact now. Thing is who knows what will happen given some issues from last year still fester. On top of that with the years I tend to trust the media less and less. If fact-checking and source hunting is your hobby you will understand. Everybody has bias, fine. Now where does your information come from? If I cross-check and find avoidable inaccuracies will your story still (mostly) be valid?

Last year was a good year for music. Tool, King Gizzard & Lizard Wizard, Billie Eilish, Carly Rae Jepsen among others released good music. Lil Nas X made a song with twang that mocked the music industry and then took the charts. I still like the song “Old Town Road” because it is simply honest about what it is. You are a new artist and want to do your own thing, well you create your own song if it happens to be catchy you will likely become popular.

The best part of the last few weeks for me was getting back into reading. Douglas Adams, Tsjechov and now I am reading Joseph Heller’s “Catch 22.” The more I read, the less I write even when I want write more. Well there I go again.

Take care in 2020.