The Orange Man With Golden Locks

Once upon a time there was a man. He looked orange and in certain light his hair seemed golden. Some people thought of him as King Midas. In short it meant he knew how to get rich. Now being rich can mean many things but in this case it means having a lot of money.

Not everybody liked him but he was very popular at one point and liked the attention. He was loud, liked making deals and big decisions. To look important among people was his skill. It was and is a hard skill to acquire as one had to not care about others even when doing something unpopular. (Trump that.)

His story was not one of “from rags to riches” but one of “from wealthy to rich.” This makes a difference for some people but others only look at how rich someone claims to be. Well this orange man loved telling people how rich he was because it made him feel important.

Year after year he worked on his career to become richer and feel more important. He made all kinds of friends, preferably those with influence and/or money and thrived. Decades passed and he was richer than before. Thing was he still did not feel important enough.

Then he decided to become a politician. Well he lived in a democracy so why not run for president? He campaigned and told people how rich he was. He told them “I am rich” and showed off his achievements “my name is on that building” and people were impressed.

Because he knew how to look important he won against all odds. He could yell the loudest and dress the best. He made jokes and told the people what they wanted to hear. He made many people feel important and did not have to explain his future plans. Make people laugh and they do not question you. Make people cry and they complain. He made people laugh and cheer.

(Critics? Critics make you think, they do not matter for the laughing folks.)

As president of his people the orange man with golden locks shines. He shines in not caring about healthcare, nature and how taxes work.

People are starting to cry now. Some of them once laughed. Now they ask “how is this possible?” and “where are the critics?” Then they start to think. They hope they can avoid medical bills…