Pre-Destination and Free Will

Pre-destination and free-will are concepts that always have fascinated me. They are very simple concepts. In everyday life people always find themselves in dilemmas of choice. Either A or B under conditions of certain factors that vary and may recur in patterns of given situations.

In fact life, thus the experience of life revolves around choices individuals make in all kind of situations. Sometimes these life choices are related to others in other situations. One choice can lead to chaos and destruction and chaos, another choice can lead to creation and order.

Thing is, destruction is related to the need to build and rebuild, thus creation. Also chaos is related to the need to create or recreate order.  Their relationship is complex. Sometimes it is a matter of cause-and-effect and sometimes correlation.

Pre-destination means that one believes that everything in life is pre-destined thus planned and coordinated. In an absolute sense it completely negates free will and the believer is certain that a higher power influences and controls the environment.

Free-will as a concept means that one’s will is free. Life is series of random events in which nothing is planned and coordinated. In an absolute sense it completely negates pre-destination and the individual believes that he or she influences and controls the environment by making choices.

The theoretical context and the experience of living one’s life pre-destination and free-will are not always compatible with the experience of life. In daily life we have seven consecutive days, twelve months, 365 days per year and every day lasts about 24 hours. Almost everything one can experience in a human life has a description, a method and unit of measure. Time flies in seconds, 60 seconds thus a minute, 60 minutes thus an hour and so forth.

Life is more complex than we often realise it is. Factor in personality, culture and society and depending on the individual the priorities. The thought experiment of imagining life as a series pre-destined or random events is fascinating. Fascination though is just fascination.

I personally prefer to assume and to believe that there are also reasons for choices and events. To have some understanding of how and why add the feeling of some control. The concepts of pre-destination and free-will always divide people. They confront people with their choices and that makes these concepts valuable…


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