Window Of Opportunity

A window's view...

A window’s view…

Metaphors make me think. While making test shots with a new camera I made this picture. A black box with a hole captured an image because there was enough light. It reminded me of life and how things change. Whenever you walk around and look through a window, do you ever wonder? I certainly do.

I am now in a phase of my life where I have to make career decisions with long-term effects. After 25 you have to stop playing around and start getting serious. Some people get serious earlier but delays happen. Diploma or no diploma a life of work awaits the healthy individual who want a chance at some kind of career. Plans, hopes and dreams mix with bills to form some kind of reality. When all goes well life is pleasant.

The picture is of a street in Amsterdam. For me Amsterdam is my window of opportunity. My past efforts almost ended nowhere but now I am part of the city. This reminds me of The Verve‘s “Bitter Sweet Symphony”, one of the best Pop songs ever written about how life influences you are as a person. Add a bit of philosophical “change is constant” and you realise that every window of opportunity has its variables.

When you stop your routines and protocols and simply look at life happening around you, you become aware of all the opportunities to act. It is almost as if you turn the human mind in one 360 degrees window of opportunity with the human psyche at the centre. What follows then is “what to do?”, “why?”, “how?” and “when?”

There is much more to say about this. For now I think this is enough over-thinking this topic. When I look outside my window I see blue skies and sunlight. Spring is returning so I want to enjoy the sensation of daylight. There has been too much grey in the new year already.

It feels good to write again…