The Idealist Met A Pessimist

Once upon a time on a blue and green planet inhabited by curious creatures a discussion arose. There were statements, arguments and sides were chosen. This was in a time when you could carry a powerful computer in your pocket which resembled a small screen. On this device one could output information and share it.

Many idealists during this age liked to argue about how to create a better living environment on this planet. It was an obvious thing to do because pollution among others was a problem. To disagree with the environment idealists was not popular. One day an environment idealist met a pessimist.

Idealist: “I hope you are aware of how much we are harming our planet?”

Pessimist: “I hope you have a ruler, a notebook and a pen, where do you want to start?”

Idealist: “are you mocking me?”

Pessimist: “can you quantify your argument to demonstrate the urgency? Do you have real live examples?”

Idealist: “our planet we are living on is not an infinite resource.”

Pessimist: “I am aware of that fact. Can you quantify your argument or give me an example?”

Idealist: “did you not read the reports? Have you not noticed the disasters around the world?”

Pessimist: “you assume that I understand your problem, that is incorrect. You can believe whatever you like, I need specific information to define the potential problem.”

Idealist: “just listen to me!”

Pessimist: “I listened and asked for more information. That information was not given, therefore your argument has been inconclusive.”

Idealist: “what is your problem?”

Pessimist: “can you define the problem you present to me? If not why should I listen?”

Idealist: “we are harming our planet, what is unclear about that?”

Pessimist: “the verb harm can mean many things per specific situation. If you are talking about pollution, bad mining practices, dangerous recycling practices and overexerting our oceans and soil I can agree to an extent.”

Idealist: “finally you get it, now join our campaign and contribute.”

Pessimist: “no, first pay your bills and get your supplies. Then if you still value having a comfortable life, think about the costs and maintenance.”

Idealist: “are you serious?”

Pessimist: “yes, you still need a warm place, food and water.  Additionally in 10 years time you might want to settle down and have a family or a company and you being broke does not help.”

Environmentalism great. Easy no…