Dutch Elections Are Coming

There is not much to say about the elections. At least on first glance it seems the same old thing is happening again. By that I mean politicians make promises to gain power. Whether they fulfil their promises depends on the power they gain and how they use that power effectively. On the 15th of March us Dutchies can vote for the parliament that is located in The Hague a.k.a “Den Haag”.

A short introduction to the Dutch political system is in place. You see the Netherlands have a king who is our head of state. Our King Willem-Alexander has limited powers. The prime minister and his or her coalition ministers a.k.a. the cabinet are responsible. We Dutchies have no direct vote or say in these matters.

Our vote and say is every four years when the parliament has to be formed and 150 seats in The Hague are available again. The parliament makes laws as the legislative power. The judges decide in court cases and the police and armed/security forces execute the law while maintaining order and guarding the territory of the Dutch state. Our application of the Trias Politica is a bit particular but mostly works.

I personally do not consider the Netherlands a true democracy or to be exact a real republic. It is a strange compromise that kind of works and sometimes does not work. To an extent I do not see how voting will make a difference until Dutch citizens have a direct say or vote regarding the head of state. Thing is, I am still going to vote.

In recent years certain trends have polarised people instead of solving problems. Socialists, moderates and liberals clash but progressives hardly get a vote in. I am tired of politicians screaming chaos, crisis, problems and threats while not coming up with solutions. I am 28. My generation and the younger generations need solutions, not more noise.

My distaste for the media has only increased lately. To much focus on the screamers and loud mouths and to little focus on actual programs, plans and solutions that are proposed (/propagated). I have to do my own research.

If ever you live in democracy of some sorts (there are variations!) vote for solutions. Effective people get things done. Talking is easy, finding solutions is difficult. Solutions matter more…

P.S. No pictures, this topic is sometimes too depressing.