Saturday Night in Empty The Hague

Almost no people.

What to do during a quarantine? Eat healthily, sleep well, read books and keep yourself and the house clean. Well I nearly lost my mind after a week because I craved fresh air. Now usually I am quite careful with going outside because hay-fever lurks every moment and dust is my daily enemy. Thing is life between four walls at one point stops being pleasant.

I went for a bike ride, crossing between spots and avoided all contact. It suits my photography anyway. Since living and working in The Hague I always felt the need to explore the city more. It felt good to breathe outside again. A short jog or a quick ride is good to clear your mind and to move your body. Just make it quick.

The Hague on Saturdays is usually busy. These days, it is hard to believe this city can be so quiet. Then you make a quick round and your realise how fear can empty even busy cities on Saturday nights.

The Hague feels empty…