A Beacon Over Troubled Waters

Looking over the water…

Recently I had the pleasure of looking over Amsterdam, literally. Across the body of water called “het IJ” there is Amsterdam North. Right there is the “Amsterdam tower” and you have a beautiful view. After going down to hop on to the next ferry I saw a different angle. This was the best picture of the bunch.

This picture stayed on my mind. Then it became clear for me. As much as I detest the cramped infrastructure, idiot cyclist and drivers and the tourists with their rolling suitcases this city still makes me smile. Whatever happens in the future, Amsterdam is the one place where I feel welcome.

These days I have many things on my mind. When I have the luxury of being able to think I try to plan ahead. Work and sleep eat away most of my energy and time. The best moments of the week are often when I have a drink, listen to an album or read a book. Recently I found time to read some Tolstoy stories again. I definitely need more Tolstoy in my life.

Sometimes you do the right thing, do your job and help your colleagues out and still you feel empty. You wonder and try to find some meaning. This picture stayed on my mind and I found some peace of mind after a while.

It might be vain but a symbol of hope helps. Symbols change all the time, yet their meaning can still remain strong. Between the now and later there are only so many things that you can control. Once you accept that you do the best you can and you might end up where you want to be.

Either way a beacon over troubled waters is a good start. Once you know where the light is, you build that boat or bridge and find your way. Lost souls can find their way back.

So yeah, this picture made me sentimental. Amsterdam still makes me smile.