Scarred With Ink

Every tattoo has a story, some are short and some long…

Recently I got my second tattoo. That was on the 9th of May. A tattoo is basically an inked decoration on your skin. The human skin is layered and allows for such permanent decorations. A clean insertion of a needle with a tip filled with ink is required. You are literally scarred with ink.

My first thought of getting a tattoo started years a ago. Then in 2016 I had an idea but it had to be just right. 6 months later I decided I would simply get the tattoo in December that year. It was not a big tattoo nor was it very small. Thing was, it meant a lot to me and it had to be exactly right. Well appointment made, met the artist and after some initial design ideas a tattoo was being made on my skin.

This May I got my second tattoo. It is still healing and from an inky mess mixed with some blood it is now healing nicely. The first few days my skin still recalled the sting from the needle. After those first days that feeling lessened and the colour started to settle. The pain of the inked needle is what it is, painful. But when you accept that pain as the additional cost for a skin decoration that tells a story about yourself it is worth it.

What I am trying to convey is that I found my tattoos worth the effort. I cannot imagine my skin without ink any more. My tattoos are part of my physical being while also expressing something personal about me as a person. Scars say something about someone’s life story.

Choosing to be tattooed means more than being literally decorated. It means that you choose a painful experience to ultimately express yourself. That says a lot about a person…