Not Liking Your Job Is Okay…

For years I asked myself how to deal with my personal jobs. Since I was about 14 I have had several jobs.

First question: “you are 14-ish, why would you want to work?”

The answer is simple. Rich or poor, when you want to have the freedom to spend your own money you work for it. People who do not understand that urge can wallow in their ignorance until the pity of others ends. If there is one thing I have come to detest it is this reliance on the charity of others. If you can work, study or both go and improve your life.

I was always motivated to improve my life because I knew (and still know) where I came from. A fun job is a luxury, a paying job gives you a basis for growth. After our parents divorced (I have a sister) we lived off a state benefit (in Dutch “uitkering”). In short our mother was alone and our dad was gone. Sure in the Netherlands you can survive with that. Thing is you have so little freedom in spending the little money you have, every dime makes a difference.

As a kid I grew up writing down and memorising every expense I made in a small cash-book. You program your mind to act as your own cost-accountant. That skill might be useful but is also annoying. (I cannot turn it off.) When I moved out and went to study in Amsterdam I pre-calculated everything. I would have more revenues than expenses.

In Amsterdam I could make money. Well I did. I did not enjoy studying enough and found a job. Luckily my first job was sometimes pretty fun. The team I was a part of was a diverse bunch.

The best part of the working life was worth it: I did not feel poor. Always having money gives you a certain peace of mind. Even if it is compromised. Most of my jobs I never really liked. Gaining experience and not being broke were enough. A bit of fun was a welcome bonus.

At my current job I actually hardly enjoy what I do. There is coffee,  a good team and we can make jokes. 90 percent of the time auto-pilot is engaged. After years of rigours in hospitality you give good service to the people you detest with a polite smile.

Often advertisements for job vacancies ask for positive and motivated staff. Give that polite smile, tell a good story and skip the bull-shit. Do your job well enough to keep it and most of the time you can make a living. If you want to be excellent at it, well that is up to you.

After years of having all kinds of jobs and talking to others about their working life you learn a lot. It is rare to actually find a job you enjoy. Some people are lucky in that regard. I was once lucky to land my dream job but it only lasted a month. Better luck next time, if there is one for me.

Not liking your job is okay. Keep your mask on and run your routines. When your shift is over you enjoy your life again…