My Start Of 2019

By the time you read this it is too late to say happy new year. The end of 2018 for me was a sleepy one. I had just finished the weekend-shift and could not stay awake. One the first day of 2019 I was slow and grumpy until I had my coffee. A good start of this year? Well it could be worse.

We had visitors, experimented with “oliebollen” and played card games while chatting about whatever because whatever. When you are free you better enjoy the time to relax and chit chat. The first “oliebollen” were a culinary failure as I had to confirm. The later ones were quite nice.

Later that day I went to Amsterdam to visit some friends. We enjoyed a drink, a smoke and talked about the bonfire in Scheveningen. That fiery tower collapsed and caused a rain of sparks in the neighbouring areas. Quite a special sight, too bad about the damages and casualties. A bonfire is a nice way to end the year though. (Also great for recycling.)

I am really to tired for new year resolutions. My plans are already made on the basis of what is attainable. Good intentions sound good, but can you make them work? If you can make it work, do it and become effective. Once you are successful celebrate and improve.

With increasing age the years feel shorter to me. My twenties are over. So every time I feel I can move on to something better I prepare more carefully. Preparations, more preparations and even more preparations lead to results when you break it down. 2019 is a new year with new opportunities.

After the dreadful November and December of last year I resumed writing again. If you want to write more, write whenever you can and save the drafts for later. I have a lot of catching up to do and I look forward to it.

All that remains is to wish you, dear reader the best. 2019 is a new year. When new opportunities arise go out and discover. When something good crosses your path, enjoy it.

Take care of yourself.