Rick and Morty

Sedation By Distraction

“And Breathe…”

Past September I had plenty of ideas and materials to work on. Even now there is enough to work on. Yet I have preferred sedation by distraction to enjoy life a bit more. It is not a rare thing to do. People do it all the time. Life can be hard and you might have to cope with situations that either grind you down or ruin your day. At worst both really. Well the past weeks I have been busy sedating myself. Distractions from the reality of 2017.

Right now I am listening to Mastodon to kind of wash away what I have been feeling. See Tuesday I had my day of rest and I read up on Puerto Rico, the Las Vegas shooting and more Brexit non-sense to no one’s surprise. Avoiding the news is almost impossible when the world’s most powerful Twitter troll “trumps” levels of common courtesy. My parents taught me basic manners and the guy in the white house seems to have none yet leads a country.

Some people love following the Kardashians and some people watch Rick and Morty. I might catch up with Rick and Morty season 3 later (yes I watched season 1 and 2!). Lately I have been watching anime to at least have something to think about. The Gundam series offer a lot of food for thought.

If you want to know what really hit me hard recently well do you remember Linkin Park? That was my gateway band into this music genre called Metal. Chester Bennington passed away and his voice will never leave my memories. Even if Linkin Park’s music was not my favourite music, Chester Bennington was memorable. One of the best voices in Metal. Go back a bit and Chris Cornell passed away too. Some of his songs are some of my all time favourites.

In the end though all the distractions in the world are nothing compared to your basic needs like feeding, drinking, warmth and shelter. Human relations break through the thin veil and you come back to your senses.

Tonight I am skipping sleep to write a bit. I am too annoyed with the world right now. Sedation by distraction is pleasant for a while. That is until you go “W.T.F.!” and try to deal with reality. Drink your coffee and accept the bitterness…