Dealing With Slow Internet

Automated stairs in action…

Sorry for this late post. You see in the past weeks I have had plenty of topics to write about. Unfortunately my internet access has been unreliable. An inconsistent internet connection does not help when you need internet access. As such I have been and still am pretty annoyed.

Remember going CTRL-S every ten seconds because your computer might crash or freeze while your school assignment is on the line? That is my exact mindset while I am writing right now. Mind you when I have to I save and refresh every 10 to 30 seconds because O.C.D. works in these conditions.

Dealing with slow internet is like facing the automated stairs at Central Station Amsterdam during rush hour peaks. Sure the access points are there but getting to them and passed them quickly is not possible. You breathe in, analyse the traffic and queue in the hope you find a good spot. Once you have space to move you move as quickly as possible. Elbowing your way through only gets you stuck, a smooth passage gets you through.

If you wonder about why I write about this, well it is 2017. Much communication and information sharing depends on WiFi, 4G or 4G plus and file/data sharing platforms and applications (PC, tablet and mobile). Where I live (Amsterdam region) my 4G connection on my smart phone is faster than my WiFi at home.

In practice that means that I can watch a YouTube video in full HD on my phone without buffering yet my PC can barely handle a YouTube video at 720p with buffering. If your work depended on quick access to data that would be bad. Even the WordPress platform is slow to load now.

In the coming days I have some catching up to do. I missed out on many good blogs and I need to read something interesting again. News updates were hard to follow.

If ever you are faced with this and your I.S.P. (internet service provider) ignores the issues, try to switch. I will change my work-flow for my blog and future projects.

More late night coffees it is…