Exit Comfort Zone, Fall Is Mild

A spider ready to bear the mild Fall.

A spider ready to bear the mild Fall.

September and October have been strange months for me. Many things happened and I am adapting to changes to get my life on the rails again. Between working, sleeping and eating it was a challenge to read and write on a regular basis. Despite that I had enough coffee and food add some hours to my already busy hours.

One thing I missed was going out to take pictures. If you think “Hey, you are on the move all the time. Bring your camera.” well I thought the same. Being the workaholic that I am that is not easy for me. So on the 26th and 27th of this months I started to look around for interesting things again. I found so many interesting things to look at that I got on the bike and left the comfort zone of my warm place.

I am still amazed at how mild the Fall is here in the Amsterdam region. Some days the rains pour down and some days the sun returns to say “Hello!” and sometimes weird in between situations appear. My scarf stays with me though because I do not want to risk a cold.

I need to take more pictures. Strange seasons have their charm…