This Terrorism Thing

So today I got up. Two new albums arrived and I was and still am looking forward to new music to discover. Some KLF and Mozart today. Then I read a bit about today’s news and a headline pops up. I shall refrain from cursing to stay in a good mood. Finally a day to properly relax with good music and then I read about Manchester.

This post will be about terrorism. This terrorism thing or phenomenon, whatever you call it is annoying me.

What is there to say? Well it makes sense to start with the obvious and that would be a definition. Generally terrorism is a violent act executed with the aim to terrorise (/make people afraid) others and/or enemies without regard for injuries or even death.

Now I prefer to not discuss or even bring up this topic. My reason is simple. There is not much to ask other than “why is this happening?” and “what is the point?”

I came to this conclusion after learning about the history of the Netherlands, Europe, my previous religion and looking at how wars were fought throughout history. The moment a person or group of people engage in physical violence that is an indication something is wrong. When that violence serves an agenda which approves of terrorising people something is seriously wrong.

Let me take you back to 476 A.D when the Western Roman empire collapsed. Since then until 1945 Europe has constantly been struggling with itself. Until the Enlightenment period religious armed conflict still occurred. You would  expect that the 30 Years War alone would have been educational enough but no.

Worse, during the Jacobin Reign of Terror period of the French Revolution anti-religious violence and acts of terror appeared. High ideals may be lovely. But violence is still violence and reduces ideals to meaningless words.

Now in the 21st century seemingly random (terror) attacks appear every now and then. Terrorism or isolated actions who knows for sure?

What is certain is this. It is easy to become scared and avoid risky situations. Thing is at one point you do not want to be scared. You want to live your life. Terrorists and violent individuals are not going to change that.

When you stop being afraid the terror does nothing. You hope the injured and dead are few in numbers and wish the victims well.

Done, life is too short for this…